The hunting ground can be found 25 kms far from Székesfehérvár, on the easternmost foothills of the Bakony Hill. Forests cover 37% of the hunting area that stretches on 14 457 hectares. It is a hunting ground typically for big game where all kind of big games live in Hungary may be hunted. There are 3 preserves of big game on this ground: Fehérvárcsurgó, Tímár, and Vadhányás.

In the hart of the region the Károlyi counts had preserved a deer-forest since 1890 where they kept Japanese sika-deers (since 1910), mouflons (since 1908). The today's preserve in Fehérvárcsurgó covers an area of 842 hectares where red deers, sika-deers, roe deers, mouflon and wild boar live. The tourist, if walks quietly, can meet foxes, beech-martens, pine-martens as well as ravens.

Few years ago 13 hunters bagged not less than 170 pc. wild boars during a single shooting party.

The best red deer stag trophy bagged up till now is 12,07 kg, the best mouflon horn is 91,25 cm.

The hunting lodge in Fehérvárcsurgó can sleep 18 persons in its 2 apartments, 2 first class double-rooms, and 3 second class double-rooms. The restaurant can seat 40 guests at the same time. 

Route from direction Székesfehérvár: From Székesfehérvár on the road Nr. 81 towards Mór. By the kilometre stone Nr. 14th take your way in direction of Fehérvárcsurgó, Bodajk. The railway station leaving we can reach the village Fehérvárcsurgó. At the end of Fehérvárcsurgó go on in direction of Guttamási. The road reaches the vineyard at first, afterwards the bridge of Gaja-brook leaving we can reach the main door of preserve.

The preserve Tímár (founded in 1973) of 820 hectare is world-famous for its red deer stand which has an outstandingly good genetic quality.  4-5 pc. Red deer Stags with antlers weighing over 10 kg are bagged year by year.

The best trophies:

Red Deer Stag : 14,03 kg- odd 24, 243,1 CIC point
Fallow deer Stag: 5,25 kg
Wild boar tusker's tusk: 28,1 cm 

Route: from Székesfehérvár on the road Nr. 81 go on to Mór. In Mór, the patrol station leaving, turning to the bridge (Restaurant Karaván on the right side) go on straight. The railway-crossing leaving -storied houses on the right side- you have to go on in the direction of Nagyveleg. Through Tímárpuszta leads a bituminous road to the main door.

The wild boar preserve in Vadhányás covering an area of 510 hectares was founded in 2000 and works with a full intensity since 2004. Wild boars, red deer stand (40 pc.) and roe deers live in the preserve. The guests hunting here can stay in hunting lodge in Fehérvárcsurgó or in Tímár.


The hunting ground covering an area of 8902 hectares lies on Sárrét of Mezőföld. The small game ground covering an area acquired rightly a reputation by its driven pheasant hunts with high bag all over Europe and all over the world. Among the species of big game roe deers and wild boars may be hunted in the preserve covering an area of 436 hectares, where many driven wild boar hunts are organized yearly.

Its geographical aspect and scenery was shaped the glacial spillway of Ős-Sárvíz. Along both sides of the River Sárvíz there are thousands of natural ponds and artificial fishponds, El Dorado for the water-game and paradise for the anglers, at the same time.

Before World War II., count János Zichy often arranged rabitting, pheasant and partridge shooting for his foreign guests here.

The hunting ground is already famous for its outstandingly successful pheasant and water-game shooting parties. These days the most popular species of small and winged game that may be hunted are pheasants and wild-geese.

Among the species of big game roe deers and wild boars may be hunted here. Occasionally you can meet protected otters, as well. Two hunting lodges, a resting place with a pleasant atmosphere serve for our guests' comfort.

On the most successful day 4.112 pc. pheasants and 187 pc. Wild boars were bagged.

This wonderful country of water-game, wild streams, ponds, reeds, flowery fields, peculiar forests, welcomes the nature lovers not only in the open season but also in every month of the year.

The hunting lodge in Soponya, 25 kms far from Székesfehérvár, can accommodate 22 persons in its 2 luxury class apartments and 9 double rooms. The restaurant can seat 30 guests at the same time.

Route from direction of Székesfehérvár: Székesfehérvár- on the road Nr. 70 to Szabadbattyán. From here in the direction of Tác-Soponya. In Soponya leaving the little pond on the right side you have turn left after the forestry. A table shows the way to the hunting lodge.


The smallest hunting ground of VADEX Co. is situated on both sides of main road 63. This preserve is nowadays the place of the most prestigious driven phesant hunts. The wild boar preserve in Tác was grounded in 2006. It offers successfull wild boar hunts for small groups.


The hilly country covering an area of 1 105 hectares is situated on the north-western skirts of Mezőföld. In the forest you will find Austrian oak, oak, acacia Robinia and Scotch fir.

In the first place, it is a hunting area for big game. At present red deers, fallow deers, roe deers, mouflons and wild boars live here. The tourist, if walks quietly, can meet foxes, wild cats, and occasionally ravens.

In the hart of the ground lies the preserve Vál covering an area of 650 hectares. Feeding grounds and grass-lands make the unit of versatile hilly woods even more colourful. Sitting, Stalking and stalking in a horse-drawn carriage are possible on this hilly country.

The species of big game (red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and wild boar) live in the preserve make the days spent here much more colourful.

Its stock of game is in a class by itself. This is shown by the fact that stags with antlers weighing over 13 kg, several fallow bucks with antlers weighing 5,15 kg, and mouflon rams with horns of 95 cms in length have been bagged in this area.

In hunting lodge there are 1 apartment, 6 double-rooms first class with bathroom. The restaurant can seat 20 guests at same time.

Route from the direction of motorway M7: From Budapest you have to take motorway M7, in the direction of Siófok. Lay-by Váli, by 33rd kilometre stone turn off in the direction of Kajászó, Vál. In Vál, by the bus stop (by the mayor's office) turn off left. Afterwards beside the Church going on on the hollow road, straight and out from the village towards the forest. From the church ca. 1 km far reaches the road the main door of preserve. 

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