The Gaja-valley is a part of the Móri-rift valley, and it's the significant natural and regional worth of Transdanubia. The 4 km long canyon of magical beauty is bordered with 80-100 m high cliffs and sheer hillsides covered with forests. The clear Gaja-brook meanders in the valley, which nourishes the small forest pond, too.

The favourable location of the area, the springs, the river rich in fish, the forest abounding in game always give excellent essential conditions for the people how lived and live here.

The information boars help to get aquainted with the geological and archeological worths, historical past, sights, special flora and fauna, the forest and game management of the valley.

Besides the sports, hiking, substantial walking and absorbed resting facilities there is a possibility to roast and cook in the open air. The fire making, eating places and covered shelters give all comfort for our dear guests.

In the hunting lodge we offer accomodation for 18 people in double rooms with bathroom. The kitchen is famous and in the conference hall 60 guests can seat at the same time.

Accesibility: 81. main road in the direction Fehérvárcsurgó, public road towards to Guttamási, in the Gaja-brook crossing.
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