Mezőföld is an excellent habitat of huntable species because its geological (main roads ans settlements lie on its skirts) and natural conditions from times of old. The forest, meadows, waters, puddles and reeds provide varied resting and hiding places for both small and big games.

VADEX Mezőföldi Co. (and its legal predecessors) leads conscious and planned management since 1958. The company created the required conditions of high-standard game management within the hunting:

  • - developed the forest and water habitats,
  • - initiated modern feeding ground farming,
  • - realized a whole series of technical establishments (hunting lodges, roads, brooder houses, hunting grounds, etc.),
  • - developed the specially „Soponya" style individual and group hunting methods grounded on traditions,
  • - exceed the hunting possibilities with artificial rearing which was mean widder bagging possibility of game species and bigger bags,
  • - kept order in the area and created the calm of flora and fauna with thinning of vermins and with a greater supervision.
The purpose of sustainable developement: protection of beneficial game and its habitat, developement of its stand and reduction of vermins. In the cours of these methods the hunt expected to give possibility for spending the free time usefull and cultured and possibility for supplying the hunting demands.

The game is a part of natural environment and the game management is a part of the developement of environment. It's important to preserve all value of the area towards the subsistence of the biological balance!


Territory (ha)


14 040

Big game


1 166

Big game


4 205

Big game


9 503

Big game, small game



Big game, small game


29 527


On the hunting grounds of VADEX Co. 1 500 -2 000 spc. big games and 15 000 spc. small games are bringed down a year. 
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